Backup Solutions

What would happen if the computer you are reading this on failed catastrophically? What would you do if you accidentally saved the document you were working on over an older version that you intended to keep? If someone else changed one of your documents without your knowledge, how would you identify this and recover the original? How would you feel if you found out that a piece of malicious software had been gradually corrupting your data?

These are all questions that we often think we know the "correct" answer to but only when disaster strikes do we really discover the result of having an inadequate backup and recovery plan.

If someone in your organisation has not been given the responsibility of implementing a backup and restoration strategy, assume that no one is doing it. Have you checked recently that they are actively implementing the strategy and checking that your data is truly secure?

We can help you to create and maintain a suitable system and integrate it with version control, content management and offline storage facilities.