Open Source Solutions

You have probably heard about some of the advantages of open source software but may be hesitant to adopt it in your business. Perhaps you feel that support may be lacking or that the software could be unreliable. Maybe you feel that there is truth in the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Open source software is often called free software. Frequently the term "free" is interpreted as "no cost" where in fact it really should be interpreted as "open" or "no restrictions in use". Many large corporations make use of open source software for their servers, cloud infrastructures and you are using it as well while you view many websites (this site included). Software exists to replace commercial operating systems, office software suites, graphics packages and many other common business applications.

By carefully analysing how you use paid-for software, we can help you decide whether open source solutions will work for you. We can assist with a migration plan and advise you on the options that are open to you. Many businesses could be taking advantage of the freedom offered by open source software but are nervous about the initial steps. Let us help you to make the change.